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So…What do the changes at Sun mean to the ECM market???

Sun made the announcement this afternoon after the markets closed that they are going to "cut up to 5,000 jobs in restructuring".

What will this mean to the ECM market??? Well after reading Jonathan Schwartz's Weblog article looking for clues, the only hting that jumped out at me was the following:

"we will build all products at Sun from Java, Solaris, StorageTek and from our newly unified SPARC and x64 SunFire platforms."

"three products that represent the future of such systems innovations. The recently unveiled Niagara servers, the StorageTek Titanium archive platform; and lastly, an upcoming extension to our NAS offerings, code named Thumper."

"announcing in late June – code name Thumper. Thumper is a SunFire server, running Solaris and its 128-bit ZFS file system, that packs 24 Terabytes of storage into a miniature package – allowing Solaris and Java applications to run directly on the storage device at breathtaking speed and price points."

Not sure but this last product sounds like a competitive offering to EMCs Centera storage solution.

If so then Sun may be trying to position these offerings into their larger enterprise clients for large global ECM solutions and the ASP providers who may be offering hosted ECM.

I will be watching to see if there are any more clues over the next few days.

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Office 2007 Beta 2 – So Far, Pretty Stable

Well I have been running Office 2007 Beta 2 on my laptop for the last week and so far I am very impressed with the stability. For the most part I have not experienced many crashes. I did come across two incompatibilities that I had address before I could use Outlook reliably. But in both cases, Office provided a link to a support web site that identified the offending issue based on the error report sent to support.

First, I should mention that I went ahead and did an upgrade to my existing Office 2003 (I did a full backup of my machine first 😉 ) installation rather than complete a new installation. All settings, email accounts, signatures, etc. were migrated perfectly.

The first incompatibility was a conflict with the Outlook add-on for an older version of Adobe Acrobat 6.0. The Microsoft support article suggested that Acrobat 7.0 would fix the problem. I was not interested in upgrading so I modified the current installation and disabled all Microsoft Office extensions for Acrobat.

The other incompatibility I came across was the Outlook add-ins for MindJet MindManager 6 which caused some stability issues. Once again I modified the current MindManager installation and disabled all Microsoft Office extensions. As an aside, MindManager is a great tool for brainstorming, quickly gathering documenting and requirements, and designing and documenting taxonomies.

Since removing the Office integration features for both MindManager 6 and Acrobat 6.0 Outlook 2007 Beta 2 has been very stable. One of the features I really like is the ability to view multiple calendars in "Overlay Mode" which merges the multiple calendars on top one another. This makes it very easy to find open blocks of time when coordinating a large number of people or resources.

The following link provides a list of MSDN resources for Office 2007.

I plan to get started on reviewing WSS v3 and SharePoint 2007 Beta 2 later this week.

In my next post I will talk about my top three most significant features/improvements to Office System 2007 that will make ECM easier… 

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Finally – Success Downloading Office 2007 Beta 2

The methods for downloading Office 2007 Beta were changed yesterday and I was able to finally download all the pieces. I am composing this post in Word 2007.

I have been using Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint for the last day and getting used to the new UIs. I will start creating a list of things I like and things that I don’t like. But overall I am enjoying the enhanced Clear Type presentation within the apps. Much easier to read.

More soon…

Downloading Microsoft Office Beta 2 – 3:54 PM Eastern

Well, I started downloading Beta 2 about 90 minutes ago and was able to successfully get Office Professional Plus and Office Forms Server.

After that  – no luck. All the other downloads I had schedules indicated an error. When I try and get back into t restart the download I can no longer get verfied.

 I guess Microsof tunderestimated the capacity needed one the word got out that Beta 2 was available.

I guess I will try tonight 😦

Microsoft Office 2007 Beta Released

Finally! The public beta of Microsoft Office 2007 is available for download.

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The Final Day At The AIIM Conference & Expo 2006 Show – May 18

Today was the last day of the AIIM Conference & Expo 2006. It was a busy day but did not disappoint. I am trying to get out this quick closing post while on the train back from Philly to DC.

I introduced Alan Pelz-Sharpe’s session “ECM 10 Years Out and got to peer into the future thru Alan’s eyes. It was a great session with some thought provoking ideas. I will write more this weekend as I try and catch up and also try and decifier my quickly scribbled notes. Then I introduced Carl Frappaolo’s Session “Redefining Enterprise Search”. I always enjoy Carl’s presentations and he presented some very telling research results Delphi just completed in Feb 06 regarding the effective of enterprise search. More on that later also.

Overall observations: The show and conference is mirroring my and many others predictions of what is going to and what is starting to happen to the ECM marketplace.

The infrastructure vendors will dominate the ECM market and other previous leading  ECM vendors will be related to a supporting role. Open Source is gaining some traction. Other small niche players will fade away. Here are some sign posts to supoport these observations:

  1. Microsoft was at the conference in a big way. First time since 1998. Platinum sponsor with a prominent large booth (16 partners in the booth) and many sponsored sessions.
  2. IBM had it’s usual huge presence in the Expo. Funny – they were not very prominent in the conference sessions. Not sure why. MAybe not much to say???
  3. EMC had its’ usual large presence on the floor. Twice – The had a main booth and the EMC Captiva booth due to the recent acquisition of Captiva
  4. Oracle was there too but what was very intriguing was the size and position (10 X 20 booth and located stuck away in the back of the hall) compared to the prominent position last year. I asked someone in the booth what happened and they said someone messed up and waited till the last minute and that was all the could get. Hmmm??? I wonder what is going on. Maybe because they did not have much to say or show. When I stopped by and asked what was new since last AIIM a year ago my conclusion was not much.
  5. Sun Microsystems had a booth on the show floor??? Maybe they have been reading my stuff.
  6. The usual mainstream players had much smaller digs this year. Interwoven and Vingette had smaller booths although Interwoven did have a presence in the Microsoft booth. Open Text had a 10X20 booth way in the far back corner of the show. Last year they dominated the expo. Hmmm – wonder what is going on there. Hummingbird also had a very small presence.

I was also a judge for AIIM Best of Show in the collaboration category. I was a bit disappointed in the lack or submissions and the quality of the submissions. More to come as I catch up this weekend. I am a bit tired. Whew. Tags:

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Talking With John Newton On The AIIM Conference & Expo 2006 Show Floor – May 17

I had a chance to talk with John Newton, CTO of Alfresco today at their booth on the exhibition floor. It was great to finally meet John in person and have a chat about my post Alfresco Adding Real Records Management To Their ECM Suite??? late last month. John confirmed that Alfresco plans to release a version of their ECM suite by  the end of the year that will include records management capabilities that will comply with the DoD 5015.2 STD requirements.

This is significant!!!! It will be interesting to see if having an Open Source ECM solution that has DoD 5015.2 certified records management will have a dramatic effect on the adoption curve of Alfresco by regulated or government customers. I asked John if Alfresco was planning to take the Alfresco suite through the certification process and he said that Alfresco would rely on a partner to take on the logistics of taking the suite through the testing process.

This next year should be very interesting to watch. Real RM in Alfresco, the Office 2007 launch, and ????? Tags: , ,

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