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Hmmm…Maybe Jim Cramer From CNBC’s Mad Money Reads My Blog

Well, I came across this information first at George Dearing’s FileNet Blog. Thanks George for keeping an eye on FileNET and breaking the news for me.

His post, FileNet Makes Jim Cramer’s Takeover List highlights that FileNET made Jim Cramer’s (CNBC’s Mad Money) Tech Stocks Takeover list.

I have been saying that FileNET was ripe for a takeover for the last year based on the continued consolidation of the ECM market and the lack of a strategy for dealing with Oracle and Microsoft pushing ECM into the infrastructure. FileNet claims that they are partnering with Microsoft and announced “FileNet is introducing broad support for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies” back in May during the AIIM conference.

Well, the have very little skin in the game since the software company, Vorsite to provides the integration between P8 and SharePoint.

I will have to start watching Jim’s Mad Money show to see what he thinks of some of the other ECM players in the market. 🙂

Someone From Oracle Must Have Attended The Microsoft WW Partner Conference Last Week

From Peter O’Kelly’s Reality Check Blog:

Oracle singles out five growth areas | InfoWorld | News | 2006-07-18 | By China Martens, IDG News Service

writingLooks like someone  from Oracle was taking copious notes at the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference Last week in Boston.

The five growth areas line up pretty much with the strategic push by Microsoft as presented by Steve Balmer at his Keynote a week ago:

  1. security (same focus as Microsoft)
  2. content management (same focus as Microsoft)
  3. business intelligence (same focus as Microsoft)
  4. grid computing (sort of a similar focus if you look at the HPC initiative by Microsoft)
  5. enterprise search (same focus as Microsoft)

Hmmm…I guess I should pay more attention to some of the attendees that are franticly jotting down notes next year when I attend WWPC 2007.

From The Microsoft Partner Conference: Open Text Named Microsoft Global ISV of the Year

Back from the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference and I should be able to start posting more regularly now. It was a busy week and very interesting to see the way Microsoft intends to go to market with ECM. More about that later this week.

Speaking of ECM and Microsoft, Open Text was named as Microsoft’s Global ISV (Independent Software Vendors in Microsoft speak) of the year at the Worldwide Partner Conference last Wednesday evening.

So why is this newsworthy. Well until late last year (November 14, 2005) when Open Text announced a new strategic relationship with Microsoft they have competed very directly and aggressively with Microsoft. Well, it has been eight months since that announcement and what is interesting to me is I am not completely convinced that a whole lot has been accomplished yet on the next generation of SharePoint. Just two months ago at the AIIM Conference in Philadelphia Open Text exhibited in the Microsoft booth but was unable to show any preliminary examples of LiveLink working with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Also, integrating ECM products with SharePoint and providing a mechanism for transferring content from the SharePoint repository into an ECM system is nice but not noteworthy. I would have been much more impressed if Open Text had announced plans to use the SharePoint V3 repository to store their content and extend the additional LiveLink functionality to content stored in the SharePoint repository.

I will have to wait and see if I agree that the award was really well deserved…

So What Will FileNET Do Now???

George Dearing has a good post “What Does Further Consolidation Mean For FileNet?” on his Blog: The Enterprise Content Management Blog. He asks this rhetorical question based on the recent Hummingbird acquisition by Symphony, then Open Text.

He speculates:

There doesn’t seem to be many viable merger candidates left for FileNet. At least none that would increase their competitive chances against the usual foes. And if you look at other software sectors, (business intelligence, security, ERP, BPM) most of the companies that would be a good FileNet fit have been snapped up. I still think the most likely scenario is HP or Oracle.

I have been speculating for the last year that Sun Microsystems was the most likely acquirer for FileNET. With the acquisition of FileNET, Sun would have a credible ECM offering including a strong storage story, strong operating system and middle-ware integration story.

I wrote about this in my article, “Document Management For Free: An Update” which is in my Blog Reading Room.

So, maybe as Jonathan Schwartz gets financials under control at Sun he will look at ECM as a way to leverage and realize the value of their StorageTek acquisition. This would give Sun a credible way to compete with EMC as a full lifecycle content management provider for the Solaris/Linux environment.

Just another angle to consider…



Breaking News! Microsoft Announces Office 2007 Open XML Translator

Yesterday Micorsoft announced the creation of the Open XML Translator project .

The project will provide translation between Micrsoft’s Office 2007 Open XML format and the recentley apporved Open Document Format (ODF).

This is significant becasue now Office 2007 users will be able to open and use ODF formated documents and save Office 2007 documents as ODF formated documents. The other significant development here is that Microsoft is treating this project as open source and will located the downloads and sourcecode at SourceForge.

The new project is already off and running and a prototype of the converter for Word 2007 is available for download here.

This is good news and will promote better interoperability for ECM customers.

Here is the Microsoft Press Release: Microsoft Expands Document Interoperability

Great Article About Developing With Windows SharePoint Serivces (WSS) V3

The following article is from the July 2006 MSDN Magazine by Ted Pattison:

Discover Significant Developer Improvements In SharePoint Services

The article discusses:

  • Integration with ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts
  • Enhancements in content storage and site configuration
  • Workflows in WSS
  • Internet-style security features

Nice job Ted!


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