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BetterECM LegalTech New York 2010 Presentation


For those of you who attended my presentation in New York at LegalTech  this year I wanted to thank you for your patience. I had planned to make my slides available some time ago but was overcome by “life” and the demands of my “day job”.

Anyway, the presentation was well attended and I had some great feedback from a many people. Thanks for your thoughtful comments and ideas related to my presentation.

I have uploaded the slides along with my notes which can be downloaded here.

I would love to hear what you think of the ideas I presented and the approach of opening a Greenfield and closing down the Landfill. I am thinking of taking these concepts even further and wonder if you think that would be useful. Maybe a book????  Not sure but would love to hear what you think.

Consolidation Resumes: Iron Mountain Acquires Mimosa Systems


Well, looks like 2010 may usher in the resumption of  the consolidation in the ECM marketplace. It will be interesting to see who will be next.

With this acquisition of Mimosa Systems, Iron Mountain moves more closer to a credible Cloud provider of long term electronic records storage by providing a robust on-ramp onto the Cloud storage infrastructure.

The question will be, “Can Iron Mountain provide a credible Cloud based solution which includes the necessary services to successfully move customers into the Cloud? Having the storage infrastructure and now the onramp for email, SharePoint, and files is one thing. The real test will be delivering the end-to-end services necessary for large organizations to adopt the Cloud and adapt information management practices. These services need to help address data privacy concerns and e-Discovery practices for example.

Great Article on Document Management in SharePoint 2010

Stressed businessman Adam Harmetz from the Microsoft SharePoint Product Group posted a great article on the document management features of SharePoint 2010 yesterday on the ECM Team Blog.

Here is the link: Introducing Document Management in SharePoint 2010

Thanks Adam!

Presenting Keynote at LegalTech 2010: Don’t Build your E-Discovery Program on a Digital Landfill


I will be presenting the opening keynote at LegalTech 2010 in New York city on February 1st.

My presentation entitled "Don’t Build Your E-Discovery Program on a Digital Landfill" will highlight some of the challenges in addressing information management within the EDRM model, show the correlation between sound practices and successful E-Discovery programs, and to provide specific action steps attendees can use to manage digital information overflow.

I feel like I will be preaching to the choir since most attendees already know how challenging this problem is but they will come away from my session with some actionable recommendations to help get control of the mounds of information at their companies.

Hope to see you there…

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One of The Best Industry Events I’ve Participated In…

ChairOnStageHat tip to the organizers, Stacey Cripps and Joyce Osborne, of the  ECM Professional Development Executive Forum held last week in Chicago. Both are committee members in the Chicago AIIM Chapter.

I participated on the morning panel, “ECM as a Career – Defining the Profession”, with Connie Moore from Forrester and Stuart Hubbard with Schiff Hardin. Jeetu Patel from Doculabs moderated and did a good job of keeping things moving.

One way I judge the value of events I am asked to participate in is if I learn something new. I learned a lot and found the questions from the over 100 attendees in the audience thought provoking and interesting. As panelists we strived to share our experiences and provide help and guidance for those looking to advance their careers in what I called “Information Governance”.

Stacey and Joyce did a fantastic job organizing the event by inviting interesting panelists and providing a great opportunity for the attendees to learn and network with others in the industry.

They are planning to do this next year and I encourage anyone to who is interested in advancing their Information Governance career to plan and attend.

Well done!

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Microsoft Begins to Pull The Curtain Back on Office 2010

derby hat Microsoft is beginning to talk about the features and capabilities in the upcoming new version of Office 2010.

Hat tip to Arpan Shah who has a great post with his top Office 2010 Tech Preview Features.

One of things I am working on is building a business case from the business perspective on migrating from older versions of Office to Office 2010. I know the business case is there but would love your feedback and help to start identifying business scenarios and the potential ROI from a business user perspective which would benefit from the Office 2007 and new Office 2010 features.

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AIIM Webinar: SharePoint and Your Information Infrastructure

CB107267_LoResI was the speaker for this webinar last week with AIIM and EMC. Here is the synopsis:

On the surface, implementing SharePoint as an enterprise content management solution seems simple and straightforward. After all, pop in your disk and, voila, SharePoint is installed. Yet, like every other single piece of information technology, deciding the proper role for SharePoint in your organization becomes complicated. Fast. How do you determine the role that SharePoint can play in your ECM strategy? We’re here to help.

SharePoint can, and will, play a key role in many organizations’ enterprise content management strategy. However, other than for some smaller companies, SharePoint is not an ECM infrastructure in and of itself; it needs to integrate with and be extended by other products for issues such as compliance, storage management, document imaging, etc. Discover how to leverage the capabilities of both SharePoint and ECM tools, including issues around interoperability. We’ll conclude with a look at potential return on investment.

To view the archived event click HERE. Hope you find it useful.

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