Reference Material

General Information:

·        Bill Gates – SharePoint Conference 2006

·        SharePoint Conference 2006 Slidedecks 

·        Microsoft Office System Preview Site

·        2007 Microsoft Office Release System Requirements

·        Forrester report: Developers, Get Ready: 2007 Microsoft Office System Is A Serious Application Platform

Newsgroups / Community

·        Technet SharePoint Newsgroups

·        microsoft.public.sharepoint.general

·        microsoft.public.sharepoint.setup_and_administration

·        microsoft.public.sharepoint.design_and_customization

·        microsoft.public.sharepoint.development_and_programming  

·        Office “12” bloggers list

·        Mark’s List of SharePoint Bloggers


·        SharePoint Object Model Maps for Download

RDP Training Web Casts Via Chris Johnson:

·        Office 2007 Partner Technical Readiness Training Presentations

·        ( 1 ) Office 2007 New User Experience Part 1.wmv [ 10.1 MB ]

·        ( 2 ) Office 2007 New User Experience Part 2.wmv [ 32.7 MB ]

·        ( 3 ) Office 2007 Developing In Word 2007.wmv [ 29.0 MB ]

·        ( 4 ) Office 2007 Core Excel Advances.wmv [ 19.9 MB ]

·        ( 5 ) Office 2007 InfoPath Forms In Outlook.wmv [ 32.7 MB ]

·        ( 6 ) Office 2007 New File Format Overview.wmv [ 14.6 MB ]

·        ( 7 ) Office 2007 Servers Overview.wmv [ 36.1 MB ]

·        ( 8 ) Office 2007 Windows SharePoint Services Collaboration.wmv [ 28.2 MB ]

·        ( 9 ) Office 2007 ECM Part1 – Doc Mgmt.wmv [ 30.1 MB ]

·        ( 10 ) Office 2007 ECM Part2 – WCM.wmv [ 24.9 MB ]

·        ( 11 ) Office 2007 Knowledge Mgmt.wmv [ 25.5 MB ]

·        ( 12 ) Office 2007 BI.wmv [ 15.0 MB ]

·        ( 13 ) Office 2007 Server Develoment.wmv [ 25.1 MB ]

Technical Information / HowTo’s:

·        How Do I… in Office SharePoint Server 2007 

·         Security / Networking

o   NTLM v Kerberos in SharePoint 2007 (Scott Hillier)

o   Host Header Mode on multiple web applications is now possible!

o   Information Rights Management in SharePoint 

o   SharePoint 2007 Forms Authentication

·        Architecture

o   SharePoint 2007 Page Anatomy

o   SharePoint 2007 ends the bucket nightmare.. 

o   MOSS Architecture & Shared Services 

o   SharePoint Terminology: Column vs. Field vs. Property

o   Excel Services Architecture  

·        Performance

o   SharePoint 2007 Performance Summary

o   2003 & 2007 Performance and Scalability – Capacity Planning

·        Administration

o   How To Enable Features in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Beta 2

o   HowTo: Scan for Broken Links (Amanda Murphy)

o   SharePoint 2007 Versioning Tip

o   Configuring the SharePoint 3.0 RSS Reader to use a Proxy Server

o   STSADM Richness on Office SharePoint Server 2007 and WSS v3

o   HowTo: Variations (multi language) on sub sites (Steven Van de Craen)  

o   What Are Content Types? (Andrew May)

o   HowTo: Rolling up information in SharePoint Sites (MS SharePoint Product Team Blog)

·        Features

o   Andrew Ash on SharePoint and Time Management via Melissa MacBeth (Integrating SharePoint and Outlook)

o   HowTo: Blogging from Word 2007

o   HowTo: Post a Blog from Word 2007 Beta2

o   HowTo: Implementing a video library on a SharePoint site

o   HowTo: Creating and deploying VSTO Documents inside SharePoint Document Libraries 

o   Business Data Catalog (MS SharePoint Product Team Blog) 

o   Business Data Catalog   

o   Microsoft Groove 2007 Beta 2 Offline SharePoint Feature Evaluation – Part 1  

o   Introduction to SharePoint Workflow! (MS SharePoint Product Team Blog)

o   Excel Services Overview   

·        Design

o   5 Cool SharePoint Designer Features

·        Development

o   HowTo: Creating SharePoint sites programmatically in MOSS 2007 (Todd Baginski)

o   HowTo: Programmatically customize site navigation in MOSS 2007 (Todd Baginski)

o   HowTo: Creating a Custom Document Library Feature in MOSS 2007 (Todd Baginski)

o   Developer Introduction to Workflows for Windows SharePoint Services V3 and SharePoint Server 2007

o   Activating and Deactivating Features Programmatically

o   Best Practices: Using Disposable Windows SharePoint Services Objects

o   HowTo – V3, Publish an ASP.NET Page with Code and Master Page to a Doc Library

o   SharePoint 2007 Beta 2: Custom List Definition (Steven Van de Craen) 

o   Smart Client Authoring

o   SharePoint v3 OM, SharePoint v3 Workflow, InfoPath and Office 2007 Client Add-Ins (CODE SAMPLE)

o   Excel Services Development Roadmap    


·        2007 Microsoft Office – Learning Portal

o   Course 3370: Getting Started with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (Beta)

o   Course 3369: Getting Started with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (Beta)

o   Course 3199: Getting Started with the 2007 Microsoft Office System (Beta)

o   Course 4698: What’s New in Microsoft Office Groove 2007

SDKs / Guides / Starter Kits / Free Books:

·        2007 Microsoft Office System SDKs & Tech Articles

·        Office SharePoint Server 2007 (Beta) SDK

·        Windows SharePoint Services V3 (Beta) SDK

·        2007 Office System Starter Kit: Enterprise Content Management Starter Kit

·        MOSS 2007 Migration Center

·        <>Windows SharePoint Services Beta 2

Web Casts / Screencasts:

·        Channel 9 – Videos, Screencasts, Podcasts (Via Chris Johnson)

·        In the Office – New Capabilities of Office 2007 for Developers

·        MSDN TV: Building Custom Solutions with Excel Services

·        Office Developer Center

·        2007 Office System: How Do I ScreenCasts

o   Creating and Deploying a Feature for Windows SharePoint Services V3
Step through the process of using Visual Studio to create a custom feature and an associated assembly DLL.   

o   Creating and Using Event Handlers in Windows SharePoint Services V3
Create a list item receiver class to handle both synchronous events as well as asynchronous events. 

o   Creating Custom Document Information Panels
Discover the integration that exists between Document Information Panels and content types in Windows SharePoint Services V3.

o   Creating Custom Workflows with the SharePoint Designer 2007
Build a custom workflow using the wizard provided by SharePoint Designer 2007.

o   Customizing a Windows SharePoint Services V3 site with the SharePoint Designer 2007
Understand the difference between page templates and page instances and then learn how to customize your pages.  

o   Extending the Office 2007 UI with a Custom Ribbon
Create a shared add-in with Visual Studio 2005 that extends the new user interface with a custom ribbon.  

o   Extending the Office 2007 UI with a Custom Task Pane
Create a shared add-in with Visual Studio 2005 that extends the new user interface with a custom task pane.

o   Getting Up and Running with Excel Services
Step through the process of configuring Excel Services so that you can publish an Excel spreadsheet to a Windows SharePoint Services V3 site.  

o   Generating Office Documents using the New XML Open File Formats
Generate, read and modify documents without going through the object model of the hosting Office application.    

Web Parts:

·        SharePoint 2007 Web Part Series by Sahil via Andrew

o   ASP.NET 2.0 WebPart Communication: The Preface to Sharepoint 2007 WebPart communication

o   Writing Custom Webparts for Sharepoint 2007

o   Sharepoint 2007 WebParts Communication

o   Writing custom editors for Sharepoint 2007 and ASP.NET 2.0 WebParts

o   Sharepoint 2007 WebPart Connections – The Theory before the Code

Additional Resources:

·        JOPX 2007 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Links

Videos & Screencasts
Here are some links to videos and screencasts for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 on MSDN that SharePoint developers will find useful:

6 Responses to “SharePoint Stuff”

  1. 1 Raja March 30, 2007 at 11:55 am


    How can Share point server 2007 be integrated with other content management solutions like Documentum or Stellent.

    How can the content from other CMS solutions be rendered using SPS 2007

    some pointers would help me to understand better


  2. 2 vijay August 24, 2007 at 6:23 am

    I my view answer for above question would be to use some data integration tool. And integration of sharepoint with other ecm solutions would happen through database storage.

  3. 3 Janet December 3, 2007 at 11:42 am

    I understand that SharePoint 2007 with its DoD 5015.2-addon includes a “digital shredding” feature at no extra cost.

    Is this also true of SharePoint 2007 out-of-the-box?

    Thank you.

  4. 4 Document Scanning May 3, 2011 at 10:26 am

    Great Blog! Very useful information, keep up the good work!

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